Young BBW Teacher Lisa Canon

BBW Pornstar Lisa Canon

Lisa Canon works for as an art teacher for an inner city school. As many times as the plus sized teacher tries to assign still lifes, her students still end up making mountain landscapes. You can’t blame them when they’ve got that young BBW body of hills and vallies to stare at! This chunky bubby also considers bbw porn an art and she’s ready to give the boys a lesson! This young guy has seen a lot of bubble butts, but he has never seen a BBW body as curvaceous as Lisa’s. The fat teacher gives her stud an oral exam in BBW sex by taking his cock and swallowing it down her throat. The only thing that keeps this boy from cumming all over the plumper’s fat face is his desire to try out those juicy fat lips. Sliding onto his rod, the porcine slut is in heaven of BBW sex. The guy has a great view of her chunky ass bouncing around but he wants to see how those titties shake! Flipping the tubster over, the student is bound to get some extra credit for the way he fucks his fat teacher! Check out the bbw porn and see why bbw sluts are the fulfilling!

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