Amateur Fat Mom Lorelie

BBW Lorelie

This plumper Lorelie had never even heard of BBW sex, she just know that she’s hefty and horny! We decided to teach the fat mom a thing or two about what it means to make flesh jiggle. Lorelie was all for the fun, especially when she saw our stunt cock. He was hairy just like a teddy bear to hug against her rolls of flesh. She loved the way his fur tickled her skin and made her giggle like a plump schoolgirl. First, the BBW shakes her fat ass at us, daring us to dive into those soft flabby mountains. By the time the cutie gets down to her lingerie, she’s so heated up that there’s a wet spot on her panties. She takes the guy’s cock and slaps it against her chubby cheeks and warms it between her giant breasts. We thought the hungry fat honey was going to swallow his meat whole before even getting to spicy BBW porn. Lorelie mounts his pole at just the right moment when her plump pussy was completely drenched. The big beautiful woman didn’t even take her glasses off so she could watch how her rolls bounce as she jumps up and down on his cock.

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